Poppy - ultra-low-cost virtual reality headset
Poppy turns iPhone into a 3D gaming device

Poppy launched recently as an inexpensive device that turns the world’s most popular camera, the iPhone, into a 3D camera.

Now, with the outpouring of support on Kickstarter (well over 2000 backers), many of its backers are seeing Poppy as a way to capture stereographic scenes to be viewed on Oculus Rift, and as an ultra-low-cost virtual reality gaming device.

“iOS is arguably the most popular gaming platform of all time, and with Poppy, the community of iOS game developers can now experiment with 3D game concepts, including augmented reality games that make use of the iPhone’s camera and Poppy’s stereographic capture system,” said Joe Heitzeberg, one of Poppy’s creators.

“As a game designer [Poppy] makes me wonder what could be done with virtual worlds through our phones. Could we walk through imaginary landscapes, turning our heads this way and that to see amazing vistas, experience sensations like flying or floating?”
Tadhg Kelly, Creative director at Jawfish Games

Imagine a game where you go BASE jumping, or something like Duck Hunt, where the targets are superimposed on the world around you. These kinds of casual virtual reality and augmented reality games seem well suited to Poppy and the iPhone.

With built-in accelerometer, video camera and touch-screen (accessible from under the device), the combination of the large mobile gaming developer community of iOS together with Poppy could lead to innovative and immersive 3D augmented reality and virtual reality games.

“Poppy has the potential to be what the Nintendo Virtual Boy only wishes it could have been: accessible, mobile, economical 3D playback AND capture.”
Jon Kimmich, Lead Product Planner for the original Xbox

Poppy’s creators also announced that they will open source the Poppy iPhone app, in order to help the developer community to take Poppy in new directions and enable new applications.

Poppy is available through July 25th on Kickstarter, and for that limited time priced at $49 (no tax, free shipping in the USA).

The Gaming Industry Responds
"I think it's really, really cool. I was a little dubious to begin with about some of the lag in accelerometer and things like that, but actually it works really well. It would be a lot of fun."
Jordan Weisman, Designer of BattleTech and Shadowrun
"Poppy is just brilliant: a clever idea to bring stereoscopic images, videos and games to mobile."
Damon Danieli, One of the designers of Xbox Live
"Poppy has the potential to be what the Nintendo Virtual Boy only wishes it could have been: accessible, mobile, economical 3d playback AND capture."
Jon Kimmich, Lead Product Planner for the original Xbox
"Imagine what weird and wonderful photo- and movie-driven augmented reality games you could make. Poppy strikes me as one with a great deal of potential for inventive game designers to see just how far 3D could go."
Tadhg Kelly, Creative director at Jawfish Games
"It really puts into the hands of anyone who has an iPhone the ability to create virtual reality or augmented reality content, and that's fantastic."
Peter Schlueer, President and Co-Founder of World Viz
"I have a startup that builds mobile iOS stuff and the idea of taking 2D animation and getting to create 3D animation? I'm pretty excited for Poppy!"
Kyle Kesterson, Chief Freak of Freak'n Genius
"Poppy opens the door to some really interesting possibilities for location-based gaming and geocaching"
Bryan Roth, Co-founder of Geocaching.com
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